Why Croatia Is A Perfect Holiday Destination This Year

Croatia has witnessed one of the bloodiest wars in modern history. The conflict, now known as ‘Homeland War’, was between 1991 and 1995. After the war, Croatia gained her independence completely from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The 28 years old nation has developed both politically and economically. Today, Croatia is a member of the European Union.

Why Croatia Is A Perfect Holiday Destination This Year

This small European nation seems hidden somewhere between Central and Southeast Europe, although relatively a young Nation, she has thrived to become a holiday hub. The country witnessed a 40% increase in tourism between 2017 and 2018.

When in Croatia, be ready to spend Kuna, which is its national currency. You will find commodities cheap especially if you are coming from countries that use Euro or Dollar as their legal tender. There are series of reasons you should consider this young nation as your next holiday destination, especially if you love the Thrones series, here are a few reasons to consider:

The Perfect Weather

If part of your holidaying requirement is warmth and good sunshine, then Croatia is your perfect destination. It is always warm from May till October; the sun is perfect, shining for an average of 10 hours during this time of the year.

You will be stunned by this country’s beautiful landscape, thanks to the sunny weather; you will enjoy visiting them. Its beautiful beaches, lapped by the crystal clear sea, its national parks, and beautiful mountains.

Fantastic Festivals

Croatia is rich in history and culture, the nation still holds on to its numerous cultural festivals, the best part is most of them take place during the warm summer days.   Some of its famous festivals are the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which holds from July to August. During this colorful festival, expect to see your favorite international artists. There is also the annual film festival which takes place in Istria, accompanied by parties at night time within the medieval walls. If you love music and partying then don’t miss the contemporary music festivals that take place across the country, an example is Love International Festival in Tisno, Outlook Festival and Dimensions Festival, both at Fort Punta.

Amazingly New Places

Visiting Croatia you will find out places, and sites that you never knew existed, imagine getting to find out about the perfectly preserved village of Karanac, and you will be left wondering why the entire world doesn’t already know about its existence. The Baranjska Kuca restaurants and the great wines found in Koranic, you will also get to find out about its rich wildlife reserves, zoos, and natural parks.

Also, don’t be surprised when you see a unique breed of horses known as the Lipizzaner horses, originally found within these regions. Another mystic place is Vukovar which has lots of evidence of the Yugoslav wars. You may never know what a magical city like North Dalmatia existed until you visit Croatia and get to see its classic architectures and Romanesque churches.

The country was quick to recover from the Homeland War which lasted for four years and seven months, Croatia turned around its loss to fascinating sites and a story to tell her visitors. You will see the damages done to a lot of buildings, churches, and even historical sites. The attacks from the Yugoslav army left a scar; these sad yet fascinating sites are also worth visiting. An example is a memorial room located inside the city walls at Dubrovnik.

A Hot Spot for Game of Throne Fans

If you are a fan of the HBO series, you should be familiar with Kings Landing. If you want to feel what it is like to walk in the streets of the fictional city, visit Dubrovnik which is the location for Kings Landing. The Red Keep garden is not too far away, found in the beautiful city of Trsteno Arboretum.

Perfect Holiday Destination

If your fascination goes beyond Game of Thrones and you want to visit sites with atmospheric Roman ruins, then Croatia is the place for you. It still has the remains of Diocletian Palace in Split; this is also a location in Game of Thrones. There are also ruins of temples and walls that give you a feel of what was previously retirement homes for emperors during the Roman Empire. Pula in Istria is famous for its Roman amphitheater, which is considered the most preserved in the world, and if you are lucky to be holidaying in July, you will have the opportunity to witness the annual film festival.

Places to Visit

There are so many things to do, so many places to visit, so many activities to indulge in, in fact, holidays in Croatia can be very overwhelming, it may turn out to be a difficult task when trying to figure out places to visit and where to let go during your holiday period. This article will help you with a list of places you should not miss out on while in Croatia. This list isn’t a guide, it’s just a suggestion. You can choose from locations and sites based on preference and budget. But some of the places you shouldn’t miss out on are:

  1. Dubrovnik
Perfect Holiday Destination This Year

This city is a place you must not miss out on while in Croatia. It is a blend of old and new architecture and culture. It is a fantastic city with so many places to visit. You can spend your whole holiday in Dubrovnik uncovering newer and more fascinating places. Explore the city streets, walls, and historical sites.

On the downside, it can get pretty crowded during the summer, thanks to the influx of tourists and cruise ship passengers. If you love crowded places, then this is a plus for you.

Getting accommodation in Dubrovnik is easy, with spaces ranging from hostels to five-star hotels.

2. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Why Croatia Is A Perfect Holiday Destination This Year

Do you love nature? Then you should visit this amazing nature’s park, some amazing places to visit within Plitvice Lake National Park are its; sixteen waterfalls, amazing flora and fauna. Don’t miss out! You can get accommodation within the park or outside the park because you will need more than a day to explore its wonders. There are functional means of transportation within the park which are designed to help you go around effectively; you can choose between going on a boat tour or a shuttle bus.

Despite the large influx of visitors, the park is big enough to accommodate its visitors. You don’t always have to wait for summer, visiting during the winter also has its unique features.

3. Istria

Why Croatia Is A Perfect Holiday Destination This Year

This city is like a diamond for holidaying because you can’t get enough of it. There are many world-class resorts within the city. The city has a wonderful transportation system that is connected to Pula and Italy. You can drive from Italy to Istria, Venice is also not too far away, there are connecting ports between the two cities. This means you can visit between Italy and Croatia during your holiday.

The city has lots of hotels and some of the world’s outstanding five-star hotels and resorts. Rovinj is one of the resorts you should visit if your budget permits you. Don’t forget that the world’s most preserved Roman amphitheater is also located in this city.

The city also boasts of amazing hilltop towns and historically significant villages. Some of the towns in Istria promise you amazing moments like Motovun and its now famous film festivals.

4. Zagreb

Why Croatia Is A Perfect Holiday Destination This Year

This is another standout city, it is spiced with wonderful sights, cafes, and restaurants. You will have fun shopping in this city, and its prices are amazingly affordable. If you are a lover of nightlife then this city is for you, there are lots of clubs and activities that will keep the night young.

Zagreb has an international airport so that you can fly into town directly. The city also boasts of a good road network linking it to other cities. Zagreb connects you with the rest of Croatia via train.

Zagreb lives up to its name as the country’s capital with state-of-the-art facilities, art galleries, exhibitions, museums. If you are lucky, you could get the opportunity of indulging in an event or a festival.

If you love coffee, then Zagreb is your coffee heaven, the city also boasts of fantastic beers. Accommodation for tourist is very affordable; there are hostels, private rooms, and five-star hotels, built to suit your budget.

5. Hvar

Why Croatia Is A Perfect Holiday Destination This Year

This is a Croatian upmarket island; it is a vacation hotspot for the rich and celebrities. This doesn’t mean that the middle and low-income earners cannot vacate here.

This island is warm; it has an average sunshine of 10 hours; it is one of the hottest places in Croatia.

What makes this island unique is its perfect combination of a beautiful environment and perfect weather.

The island has a host of five-star hotels; if you can’t afford to lodge into such luxurious hotels, you can spend your day sightseeing around the island or you can lodge into a more moderate and affordable suit.

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