5 Huge Announcements from Apple’s March Event 2019

On March 25, 2019 (2 days ago) Apple held one of their biggest events, which was located at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, in Cupertino California. iMore and many others joined the wondrous celebration to cover the insights that Apple, Inc. reveals at the show. Let’s take a look at what Apple, Inc. has in store for us this time around!

5 Huge Announcements from Apple's March Event 2019

Apple News + (Plus)

Magazine buying can be a pain in the neck, especially when there are thousands of different types of topics and niches to select from. One of the biggest problems is that you don’t get to find all the right sources in one place. Apple view this as a consumer problem that not only existed for their Apple users, but it’s a common general problem worldwide. So, Apple has decided to make our lives much easier and happier, buy syncing all those wonderful magazines into an easy to read platform known as the Apple News + (Plus).

Apple News + Features and What’s Included?

It is a platform for users to view thousands of magazines with thousands of different topics and niches with pictures. It also includes premium digital subscriptions like the “Skim”. On device intelligence to make recommendations…which means that Apple doesn’t know what your interests are in reading or what you are reading and it doesn’t allow advertisers to track you. The Apple News+ is designed for the entire family with Family sharing for no additional fees. The Apple News+ subscription plan costs only $9.99 per month. Another amazing thing about this deal is that the Apple News+ App is available and can be downloaded from the Apple Store / iTunes. New users can avail the first month for free!


Provides transaction services for major cities like Portland, Chicago, and is scheduled to extend later to New York City.

ApplePay Features and What’s Included?

The main feature is the Apple-Card. The sign up is simplified and hardly takes a few minutes. Once the sign up is complete, users can immediately start using it to make purchases and other sorts of transactions throughout the world, (wherever ApplePay is accepted). The Apple-Card stays with the user all the time because it is a digital card that is stored in your iPhone.

The ApplePay has a wallet app. The Wallet app has been also updated with new features alongside the existing features that it had previously. They are as follows:

* When payment is due
* How much money you owe.
* What amount you spent (a historical listing of all you’re spending through ApplePay)
* All data is processed into a simplified and easy to comprehend data with familiar icons and buttons that makes sense.
* Keep track of all of your spending through specified categories.
* ApplePay also provides a historical cycle for spending. Users have the option to a variant the data every week or every month.

Cashback Rewards System

Apple-Card offers a cash back rewards system for your daily spending. All information is calculated and rewarded daily. This requires the user to transact through either the iPhone or the Apple watch, which rewards the users with a 2% cash back system. The feature provides insightful information about the Apple-Card. There is even a customer support system integrated, so if there are any questions or concerns or a request, users can direct message them and a representative from Apple, Inc. will respond promptly.
Cashback 2 – Direct purchases from the Apple store through the Apple Card or smartwatch will reward users with a 3% daily cash back.

Apple Arcade

It is the first kind to offer a subscription plan for mobile, desktops and TV systems. Through just 1 subscription plan, users will have access to over 100 exclusive and new games. Users will be able to play the Apple Arcade games across different platform like the iPhone, iPad, Mac or even through an Apple TV. One of the coolest features with this is that users can continue where they have left off at, even if devices were switched.
Unlike streaming services, all the games featured (100) will allow users to play the game even if they are offline! There won’t be any disruptive ads nor will there be any additional purchases required.

5 Huge Announcements from Apple's March Event 2019

Parents / Legal Guardians Content Material Control

Parents or legal guardians can control all contents access through the screen time features. Apple Arcade games don’t take or collect any data from you, nor be able to track any information about you. This unique feature will be available no later than the fall of 2019 and will be made available across over 150+ countries and regions. Pricing and other details will soon be announced prior to its release date.

Apple TV Channels

The Apple TV Channels offers on demand controls, meaning that users can view any of their favorite contents at any time, even if you missed the show! The programs is designed to serve without boggling your dashboard with insane ads that pops up every 45 sec. So say goodbye to ad-interruptions forever! Apple TV Channels are filled with family type content which is appropriate for the entire family.

Streaming Apps
• Prime Video
• ESPNS Plus
• HBO, etc…

Movies from iTunes
• Now users can watch their favorite movies and other genres through iTunes categories.
• Users can even opt into view Cable channels or Satellites channels through the app.

Channel Accessibility
• Users can watch shows from TV channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, National Geographic and much more.
• These new features will be available with an application update version release. Expectation release date is in May.
• These same features will be available on the MAC too!

Apple TV Channels Application for Other Brand Smart TV’s!

This is a bit more exciting. We all know how expensive Apple products are. Which is why it’s tough to even consider buying an Apple TV. So Apple, Inc. is rolling out with the option of those individuals that already own a Smart TV or for those that are interested to purchase a Smart TV from another brand source. Apple TV Channel app will be made available for the following;

Smart TVs
• Samsung
• LG
• Sony
• Vizio

Other Devices
• FireTV (by Amazon)

Final Conclusion

It seems that Apple, Inc. has always captured the attention of its followers and leaves the crowd in awe. Apple, Inc. 2019 event (2 days ago) has sure revealed some exciting news for many, especially with the Apple TV. App made available for other branded smart TV, which opens the door for those individuals that either cannot afford Apple products or simply prefer an Android system. This is an innovated method to invite non-Apple users towards adopting Apple products by pushing the demand on its application. With over 5 interesting things revealed, we just have to wait for the initial release dates for Apple TV+ and its features to be officially released before we can dive deep into the depths of Apple luxuriousness!

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