Top 20 Terrifying Places on Earth

1. Poveglia, Italy

Do you want to travel somewhere spooky on your next vacation? Or perhaps for some reason you love reading about nightmare-fueling spots across the globe. These 20 places will make you realize you’re probably better off staying at home this year.

Poveglia, Italy

Poveglia is an island off the coast of Venice, Italy. Sometimes nicknamed ‘Plague Island’, it was home to plague sufferers who were taken to die during the Roman Empire. It is rumored that the bodies of the dead were burnt and became a part of the soil itself. The island was refurbished in 1922 as a mental hospital.

Due to its isolation, doctors were able to perform experiments on the patients such as lobotomies and even committed torture on the mentally ill for their amusement. Karma caught up with a particularly demented doctor who became mentally unstable himself, whether it was due to his heinous actions or the tortured souls of the island, he committed suicide by jumping off the top of the bell tower.
Many believe the tortured souls are still trapped on Poveglia today and this is why visiting the island has been prohibited by the Italian government.

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