Wendy Williams Without the Ring – Is It Over Already?!

Wendy Williams has been spotted without her wedding ring! Is it really over between her and her husband? A lot of Wendy’s fans know that Wendy has made a few opening statements regarding the allegations made against her husband. Is Kevin really cheating on her?  Multiple reports claim that “Kevin Hunter” was having an affair with some mistress.

However, Wendy too heard about these allegations and wanted to make a public announcement regarding all the rumors, claims and allegations regarding Kevin Hunter cheating on her.

In this post, we will be diving into the depths of the unknown whereabouts of Kevin Hunter and some possibilities to know why Wendy has taken the ring off.

It’s Not Going Anywhere!

Wendy has mentioned it a few times that “as long as I have this ring on, everything is fine…and let me tell you that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!”  But under these rumors and allegations stood other issues that Wendy was facing. A drug addiction problem that she once had, erupted once again that led her to a rehabilitation house, also known as the “Sober House” (Queens, New York). Wendy mentioned that she would go to Pilate classes and then go around town to attend drug and alcohol classes to help deal with her addiction problem. (A.A and N.A classes) So how did she ended up there? Well, it all started when Wendy finally had enough of all these strange and weird rumors about her Husband, she wanted to confront him.

Wendy Williams Without the Ring – Is It Over Already?!
daily mail
Wendy Williams Without the Ring – Is It Over Already?!
daily mail

Confrontation Made Things Worse

During the confrontation, Wendy demanded answers from Kevin regarding is unusual visits to that message therapist. Things got a little out of control to a point where it was believed that Wendy had somehow lost her balance, falling to the ground.  She somehow damaged her shoulder when she fell. Through such devastation, she fell into a depression mode and started drinking heavily and started taking pills (prescription drugs).

The New Years was approaching and Wendy had to get ready for her new episodes, but instead she flew to Delray Beach, Florida to check into a luxury detox and rehab facility. Amazingly it was also discovered that Kevin did visit her while she was in a rehab. Surprisingly Kevin had his mistress women (Sharina) with him. According to sources, “whenever Hunter Takes his wife on vacation, his mistress is usually there too”.

Hidden For The Sake of Her Fame

Apparently, Wendy knew about his mistress, and she was also okay with the fact that her husband is cheating on her. Her only demand was that there shouldn’t be any baby involved and that she shouldn’t get humiliated by the general public.

When Wendy uploaded the “Truth video” on Mar 19, 2019, all rumors and conspiracies died that same moment as the truth as cleared up most of the allegations.

Apparently, Wendy also revealed that no one knew about her drug addiction and the drinking problems that she was going through except Kevin. She has also revealed that it was Kevin that had referenced her to that luxury rehab facility in Florida.

Wendy also exposed a really interesting Statement regarding her past-cocaine addiction. She never sought rehab assistance for her cocaine addiction before, and therefore going to the rehab facility was a positive note for her and Kevin.

Wendy mentioned that she was overlooked by her sober coach and how he gave her daily insights and motivational speech sessions to continue living a strong-sober life. She also mentioned that without him she possibly could have slipped back into a relapse. Additionally Wendy went on describing the conditions that she had to deal with while staying at the rehab facility.

  • She mentioned that she was around a bunch of “smelly-boys” (addicts) that had become her family. The special time that they spent together understanding each other problems and struggles against addiction was shared amongst the group that forged a stronger bond between them.
  • They talked and shared relevant experiences with their drug addiction and discussed why caused their triggers and other important factors that related to the way of how they dealt with the addictions.
  • Wendy also mentioned that the new family group of addicts would spend time reading and building ideas on how to prevent from going into a relapse. However relapse has always been considered as part of a recovery program, meaning that an addict would usually go through a relapse prior to fully recovering from the addictions.
  • Wendy described the nature of her routine and how things were for her whilst she stayed at the recover home. According to Wendy, gates gets locked around 10 O’ clock followed by lights. Around that time Wendy would go to her room to stare at the ceiling until she falls asleep.
  • Every morning she would wake up and get ready to attend the Wendy Show and act as if nothing happened.

During her closing statement at the Wendy Show, she said that “either you’re calling me crazy or I am the bravest Women, I don’t know, I don’t care…”

She then mentioned about the Hunter Foundation. It is a foundation that was formed by Wendy and her husband. The foundation provides addiction help for those individuals that have a drug issue or have any family members or loved ones that are going through drug addictions.

According to Wendy Williams, so far the Hunter Foundation has already placed about 56 individuals from around the world into recover facilities successfully. Her statements also hinted that Hunter Foundation is not just for the United States but is for Internationals individuals that are struggling with drug or Alcohol addiction throughout the world.

Are All Those Claims True?

Apparently, according to Wendy Williams, most of the rumors and claims that were made by multiple sources turned out to be true. However, the reason she was spotted without her ring was because she lived locally in Queens New York while staying in the sober house and attending A.A and N.A classes around town. Obviously it’s very much dangerous to be Wendy Williams in Queens New York, especially if she is seen walking around with a huge diamond wedding ring. Therefore, it is understandable to take off the ring.

It was just paparazzi luck that they caught her in the transition without her wedding ring, which led to false acquisitions and rumors.


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