What This 13-Year-Old Son Does For His Mother Will Make You Cry

This 13 Year Old Boy Does Something For His Mother That Will Drop Your Jaw

A stunning story of the love between a faithful son and hardworking mother. You’ll never believe what this 13-year old did when his mom needed it most.

It can be hard being a kid



I’m sure we all can remember that. The days of having to shuffle school work and social life and family as well could be hard enough without taking on financial problems. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about money, but the kids these days are more aware than ever of everything going on around them thanks to smartphones.

Those exact smartphones…



Also keep kids super connected to one another and their families though, and that can never be a bad thing. These days it’s not smart to try to keep kids in the dark about your day to day life struggles because they are all too ready to understand. Guess that’s just the boon and curse of having the internet at their fingertips.

For Nevada mother Krystal Preston…


she was never one to leave her kids out of what was going on. Personal family situations had left this fabulous mother of three struggling to make ends meet, and she didn’t hide that struggle from her kids. How could she? They lived every day with her and were her best friends, it wouldn’t be fair to pretend or try and shield them.

He loved to play on his Xbox



Preston’s 13-year-old son William Rabillo was like any other kid, obsessed with the internet and gaming. He loved to play on his Xbox or watch YouTube videos online and spent all his time connected into cyberspace. He was also what his mom would call a “money-making machine.” He spent a lot of his free time working odds and ends for their neighbors.

It was just in his nature…



Rabillo did yard work cleaning up yards and mowing lawns and he saved every penny. It was just in his nature to do so. Some kids like to make money and spend it just as quick but Rabillo just liked having a bit saved up and knowing it was there. That’s how a lot of adults these days are as well. A little nest egg can go a long way in an emergency. It wasn’t an emergency that got Rabillo spending though.

Unlike a lot of other teenagers his age…

13-year-old Rabillo wasn’t thinking of himself, no way. Instead, he was thinking of his mother and their small close-knit family. According to his mother, Krystal Preston’s, viral FaceBook post, they’d been through a lot in recent weeks. “Tears, anger, confusion, and heartache” had been running rampant in their lives.

Kids are intuitive in negative situations

This sorrow and struggle were not unfelt by her children, though Preston is surely not to blame. Kids are intuitive in negative situations, and if everything is changing then you can’t really hide it from them. Kids and teenagers would much rather be treated like people and told the situation so that they can try and understood, which is what Rabillo did.

Not having your own transportation in many areas can be a problem



One of the hardest parts of the changes in Preston’s life was being without transportation. It was her job as a single mother to not only take care of her three beautiful and spirited children but also get them where they needed to go and work. Not having your own transportation in many areas can be a problem, especially when the weather comes into play.

Owning a car is a must!



Rain or shine, it’s not easy if you have to walk, bike, or go by bus to the places you need. Even getting groceries can become a huge hassle especially with a bundle of kids tagging along. Even if Preston could walk to the grocery store she’d probably need to call a Lyft back, and then pack it full of her groceries and her rambunctious kids as well.

Having the money for a Lyft can be a luxury that many don’t have…



especially after factoring in school supplies for three kids and their ever needed update for school clothes. It’s not a matter of “well don’t have children” when you already have three beautiful living and breathing human beings and a life that didn’t go the way you plan.

Preston is a wonderful mother



Preston is a wonderful mother and what her son did for her really tells the tale of who she is as a person. Rabillo was no stranger to what his mother was going through and he didn’t judge her for any mistakes she had made. Like any good son, Rabillo looked at his mother with stars in his eyes, knowing she did the best she could for their family of four.

We’ve all seen viral videos of kindness out there



This is why when Rabillo was spending his time watching some heartwarming YouTube videos he knew what he had to do. We’ve all seen viral videos of kindness out there, be it someone doing a good deed for others less fortunate or just a cute puppy or kitten video. Videos go viral for a lot of reasons, and bringing joy is indeed a good one.

Rabillo enjoyed spending time watching YouTube videos in which people were surprised



Unlike other kids who might be interested in stuff less appropriate for their age, 13-year old William Rabillo enjoyed spending time watching YouTube videos in which people were surprised with cars being gifted to them. Something about watching the utter joy break across their faces, how everyone was so elated, spoke to Rabillo.

But what could a 13-year-old boy do?



As the days went on and Rabillo’s mother struggled he knew he had to do something to help. But what could a 13-year-old boy do? It wasn’t like he could go out and get or real job or just magic up a car for his mother. That was the harsh reality he had, a dream but no way to follow through with it. He didn’t think that for long.

He could do it!



The mystery was unfolding for Rabillo as the idea began to fully take shape in his adolescent mind: he could do it, he could buy his mom a car. A lot of things stood in the way, him being a minor the first and largest issue. Sure cars were expensive and he was young, but he had money saved up, he could manage it. Somehow.

One of the wonderful things about young children is that they really don’t take no for an answer



Their imagination is far more vast then once they become adults. The world is full of sparkling possibilities at Rabillo’s age, and he let them shine and shimmer before him as the plan fully took shape. It wasn’t long until the plan really began to get together.

In this era of the internet



No one understands the internet better than our children. Many of us grew up as the internet developed and smartphones didn’t start entering the picture until after we hit puberty. Rabillo is one of the kids that came after us though, and instead of being born with a silver spoon you could say he was born with a smartphone in hand.

The ability to roam the internet comes naturally to kids these days



Instead of getting typing classes at age 7 they’re already faster on the keyboard than many hard working adults. So it should come as no surprise that Rabillo knew how to search on the internet for cars that were for sale so that he might find one for his beloved mother.

Thanks to Facebook Marketplace



Gone are the days where Craigslist controlled online selling, now there are many different websites that promote people posting their used items for sale. One of the most commonly used ones these days is the Facebook Marketplace, and that is where Rabillo found a car actually in his price range.

Facebook provided Rabillo with the chance to do something utterly selfless for his tired, hardworking mother



Immediately he messaged the woman selling the car, asking a few questions. He had money that he had made himself saved up, and his beloved Xbox that he was hoping he could trade as well toward the sale.

At first, the woman with the car was hesitant…



as she should have been. It wasn’t as if she could really sell a car to a minor, and what if the money wasn’t his? You had to be careful online, there were always weird people out there. It took a few messages, but she was finally convinced that his intentions were serious and they worked out a plan.




Giddy with excitement, Rabillo could barely hold it in as the day came for him to surprise his mother. He told her had one of his usual gigs cleaning up a yard and she let him go out, not even suspecting his secret motives. He met up with the woman selling the car and they began to enact their epic surprise.




Rabillo ran inside as soon as he was back told his mom to come outside, he had bought her a car. Preston had laughed, thinking this somehow was a joke and followed him, not expected to be as overwhelmed as she soon was. Her son had pulled off the most massive surprise possible and she was near tears as she stared at the 1999 Chevrolet Metro in her driveway.

She was speechless…



It was not the most glamorous of rides, that much was obvious to Preston, but it was beautiful. The car clearly ran, and as she climbed inside the woman driving it confirmed, it was now Preston’s vehicle. She was speechless, tears welling up and her heart fit to burst at her child’s ingenuity and complete generosity. It felt like a miracle at that moment, and she was ecstatic.

They really needed this car



She didn’t think he understood truly what he had done for her. Sure, as a family, they really needed this car. It’s possible to survive without one but it isn’t pleasant. There’s a certain lack of freedom that comes with not having your own wheels to drive, and Preston was no stranger to feeling trapped and unable to get free because of it, stuck in the same few blocks without being able to just go to the store for some milk if they needed it.

Unable to contain her excitement and love for her son…



Preston took to Facebook to tell her friends and family what her 13-year-old child had done for her. She lavished him with praise, not holding back as she expressed how overjoyed she was and how appreciated she felt. Of course, there’s a bit of shame to knowing she couldn’t give everything her soon needed to him, but that paled in comparison to his gift.

He was such a kind and smart young man



He knew she struggled and he did what he could to ease that burden. Rabillo, to his credit, didn’t expect his fun surprise to blow up so big. The kid just wanted to help out his mother and knew the one way he truly could. She’d supported him his whole life he just wanted to show some support for her as well, let her know she was needed and loved.

Those viral videos of other kids surprising their moms with cars had really inspired him



The fact that these other “kids” were grown adults had not deterred him in the slightest. He did the most adult thing possible and put aside everything that had to do with him and focused on his mother and what she needed, at a time when she most needed that gift of attention.

Preston showered her son with Love on a Facebook post



Preston was in shock at her son’s actions and showered him with love in her Facebook post. He had done something that she never could have expected, not from anyone, let alone her 13-year-old son. On her post, she wrote, “I am so proud of my son. He is such a good kid… He may have his days but OMG what 13-year-old kid do you know that buys his mom a car… William, I love you son and thank you. You have such a big heart and I love you…”

As touching as it can get…



A beautiful and heartwarming story right from the heart of the state of Nevada. A loving son bought his mother a car and helped to strengthen the bond between them.



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