Is Meghan Markle and Her Family Treated Differently Than Kate’s?

Okay, so the Queen wasn’t extremely happy when the Prince decided to choose Meghan Markle as his wife. She stated regularly that Meghan Markle didn’t have ‘Queen-like’ personality or body language that Kate did, and that she seemed more like an immature, giggling schoolgirl than a person of royalty.

Is Meghan Markle and Her Family Treated Differently Than Kate’s?

While it looked as though it were a huge challenge for the Queen and Meghan Markle to finally get along, everyone wondered if the mother of Meghan Markle would be treated the same way as Kate Middleton’s family.


And let’s face it: becoming part of the royal family is an entire lifestyle change. Your entire world shifts from one thing to another. You are suddenly expected to look a certain way, behave a certain way, and follow all of the private rules that come with being a person of royalty. This must have been a huge shock for not only Meghan Markle, but her family as well. And people have started to notice a difference in the way Momma Markle is treated over the Middleton fam.

Meghan’s and her mom, Doria. @Essence

One thing that certainly could not go unnoticed is the fact that Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, was invited to the royal gathering at Christmas time. What is so special about this, you wonder? Well, it’s for the simple fact that almost nobody is invited to the event that is not immediate family. In fact, Kate Middleton’s family has never been to a gathering such as this, which made the invitation all the more dramatic. Unfortunately Doria had to decline the invite, but it still stands that the offer was given and we were all literally shocked.

It’s no secret that the royals should be front and center. It’s one of the many ‘rules’ of being around the royal family, and Kate Middleton’s family is always seen behind Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth. However, when Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry, Prince Charles is actually seen walking arm in arm with Doria! It was an astonishing sight, considering that Prince Charles would NEVER do something like this. It seems as tough the royal family and Meghan Markle’s mom are getting along quite well, despite a rocky start.

As far as Prince Harry is concerned, we can definitely see that he is a huge fan of Meghan Markle’s mother as well. He will openly hug her and interact with her, having what appears to be joyful and meaningful conversations with her on the regular. We don’t see that with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s parents. That isn’t to say that they are cheery and loving behind closed doors, but the grand relationship doesn’t make an appearance like Prince Harry and his mother-in-law.


As for the relationships between the Queen and Meghan Markle, it seems to be going at a steady uphill speed. More recently we have seen the two on an outing, where Meghan decided to wear completely muted colors. That may have been a shocked for some people, but the fact of the matter is this: Meghan knew that all of the focus should be placed on the Queen, so she opted for a muted gray pencil skirt that would allow for all of the attention to be put on the Queen.


Meghan Markle is also changing her personality and behavior quite a bit. She has had plenty of time to sit back and learn from the Queen herself, learning the way a true person of royalty should act. It hasn’t gone unnoticed at all, and we can’t help but say Meghan has come along way. You have to remember that she was thrown into the royal family without any knowledge or thought as to what would be expected of her. She entered the royal realm as a ‘newbie’ and has taken the name well, continuing to be an inspiration to women around the world.


Word to the fans: there is a giant possibility that Doria will be moving in with Meghan and Harry after their baby arrives. The Frogmore Cottage is currently going under extensive renovation, but when complete, there will be MORE than enough room for grandmother to join in on the fun.

This might not seem like a huge deal, but it is, for two different sets of reasons.

  • First and foremost, the Middleton family would NEVER move in with William and Kate; it’s just unheard of, and not something that would typically take place in a royal family.
  • Secondly, there has been a lot of rumors surrounding the reason for Meghan and Harry’s move. People around the world are thinking that Will and Kate are in some sort of epic feud with Meghan and Harry, but that could not be further from the truth.

While it may sound like a fun and exciting quarrel between two royal families, there really is a more easy and simple reason as to why Meghan and Harry are moving. Their current home is a two bedroom with not a whole lot of space. Meghan and Harry decided that they were ready to move into something much larger to accommodate their growing family. And with all this extra room, they thought why not have grandma move in with us? Yes she will be moving across the country, but I don’t think Doria will have a problem leaving her living space behind to go move into the royal family and their new, sensational Frogmore Cottage.


But that isn’t the only issue with the new Frogmore Cottage. Just because there might not be any feuding between Kate and Will, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some type of quarreling going on within the royal family.


In fact, Meghan and Harry were plotting an idea to start an autonomous new court. This means that they would no longer be a part of Buckingham Palace, and be completely independent of it. But the Queen shot that down almost instantly. She stated that there is an institutional structure that would simply not allow them to become independent, and it was not going to happen no matter what.


This brings the Queen to feel somewhat nervous about Meghan Markle once again. She fears that Meghan’s celebrity status may still have some effect on her place in royalty. She is afraid that her celebrity role will overshadow her royalty role, and she will no longer be a part of royal charities and other must-attend events.


To put it plain and simple, there is a variety of happiness and aggression going on in the royal family, and the addition of Meghan Markle has certainly put a damper on the way things are ‘normally’ ran. Her breed of beauty, celebrity status, and personality are not the norm when it comes to royalty, and it shows. However, the Queen has accepted Meghan Markle and her mother, and has actually been much more friendly and agreeable to the mom than we thought. The difference is noticeable especially when taking into account how Kate Middleton’s family is treated, and that’s something worth mentioning.


As far as Meghan and Queen’s relationship, it seems as though all is going rather smoothly, aside from the fact that the Queen is nervous about her celebrity status and plans to create a new division of royalty separate from Buckingham Palace.


We will have to stay up to date with the current findings and relationship status of the entire royal family to know just what happens next!

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