UFC 237: A Shocking 2nd Round End for Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas – Was It Legal?

When it came down to the Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas, it looked like an easy win for the reigning champ Namajunas. With almost 2 full rounds of intensity and blows, it seemed as though the champ was going to remain; but a shocking twist at the end of round 2 left Jessica Andrade the new strawweight champion for UFC.

So what shocking twist actually took place to end this fight? Everyone watching showed major excitement as Andrade grabbed Namajunas, picking her up and tossing her to the ground. Namajunas was thrown directly on top of her head in round 2, bringing a rather violent end to the Main Event of UFC 237.

With this slam, the main event ultimately came to an end as Referee Marc Goddard waves off the fight at the precise time of 2:58. It was clear that Namajunas had been completely knocked out cold from the slam, so the fight had to come to an abrupt end.

However, judging from the first 2 rounds, it was not likely that Jessica Andrade was going to be deemed the winner. In fact, the first round looked as though Namajunas was pulling out all her best moves, making a sort of ‘highlight reel’ of a first round that left everyone speechless. Her jabs and kicks wowed the crowd as they hit against Andrade, leaving spectators to believe she was the clear winner and would hold onto her title.

Not only was Namajunas believed to win based off of her intense first round, but she was also entering the fight with some very particular height and reach advantages. Not only was Namajunas coming in with three more inches of height, but with a reach of three more inches as well. These types of odds don’t look well to the other contender, as they may not be able to land punches as well as their competitor. The height would also make it more difficult from Andrade, as she would never to try even harder to take down the competitor Namajunas.

The fight started off intense and exciting. Within the first round, Namajunas appeared to be the clear winner as she opened up a cut right above Andrade’s left eye. This was swiftly followed with a series of handy, fierce footwork that completely threw Andrade off. She appeared to be unable to keep up with the force and intensity of Namajunas.

But Andrade has one goal in mind: get close enough to Namajunas to take her down with a grand slam. That being said, she battled through all of the damage that Namajunas was inflicted during the first and second rounds. She knew that if she could withstand the blows, eventually she would get close enough to take her defender down- and she did. But that wasn’t until she already racked up two attempts at a slam in the first round, with no luck. These double slam attempts were quickly counteracted with Kimuras done in the air. This ultimately minimized the impact and left the challenger standing for more action.

Round 2 followed with the same intensity and pressure from Namajunas, but Andrade remained strong and sustainable. Due to her stamina and power to get through the blows from the champion, she was finally able to secure Namajunas for a slam that knocked her out cold.

Undeniably this is a fight we will all remember. The entire fight was filled with excitement and interesting blows and footwork, and at the end of round 2, we were all left speechless when Andrade secured the belt from her competitor, making her a threat to future competitors due to her ability to perform such stellar knockout slams.

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