You Won’t Believe The Queen’s Priceless Anniversary Gift to Kate Middleton

When you’re married into the family of the Queen, it’s hard to imagine what you might request from your grandmother-in-law. They say there are things that money can’t buy, and they’re probably right.

What do you give to the couple that already has everything they need of monetary value? As Kate and William approached their recent wedding anniversary, to celebrate 8 years, Queen Elizabeth had to make a decision. She needed to determine the perfect anniversary gift.

Thankfully, she has much more at her fingertips besides monetary experiences.

Just what did Kate Middleton receive from Queen Elizabeth for her anniversary?

Time Changes Everything


Prince William and Kate Middleton are celebrating their wedding anniversary, having been married for nearly a decade. Kate has provided the Royal family with 3 beautiful children and works hard to be diplomatic and charitable.

Commoner Kate

Kate and William received a lot of backlashes and took insults in stride. Many noted that Kate was a commoner and she was certainly a controversial bride for Prince William. Those who doubted her made it quite known.

Commoner to Duchess of Cambridge


Kate had humble beginnings as a commoner, with no royal background in her family. Shortly before their marriage, the Queen granted William the title of Duke of Cambridge.

Kate and William showed the world that a commoner could be a great Royal and made it clear that monarchy has adapted through the years.

A Girl Who Has it All

Kate has everything she could possibly need or want at her fingertips. She does not have monetary limitations and can treat herself at any time. Choosing a gift for Kate now could certainly be intimidating, to say the least. What can you possibly gift the girl who has it all?

Value Beyond Measure


Kate and William exude riches and power, but what they have financially pales in comparison to the Queen. Queen Elizabeth has gifted Kate many valuable gifts throughout the years and most likely will to continue to do so.

While the gifts were always appreciated, Queen Elizabeth wanted to give Kate something far more valuable this year.

A Wedding to Remember

Kate and William threw a classy, contemporary wedding. Their wedding was one of the most-watched events in televised history. The wedding was beautiful and elegant.

The wedding also sent a positive message to the world that they were committed to their places in the Royal family.

Generous Wedding Gift


Queen Elizabeth gifted the new couple with a home called Anmer Hall, which is now the 2nd hoe for William, Kate, and their children.

Royal Jewels

At the wedding, Kate wore a memorable Cartier Halo tiara that was a family heirloom. The tiara had been given to Queen Elizabeth’s mother by King George VI and it was absolutely stunning on Kate on her wedding day.

Humble Gifts


Kate Middleton once admitted that she gave the Queen a Christmas gift that had little to no monetary value. She struggled to decide the best gift for the Queen that would be both worthy and personal. Kate made the Queen chutney from her own granny’s family recipe.


Kate and William have been married now for almost a decade. Kate and the Queen have developed a valuable, respect for each other over the years.

They have built a lasting true friendship in their years together in the Royal family.

The Maple Leaf


The Queen owns a distinguished Royal jewel that many recognize as one of her statement pieces. King George VI purchased his wife a diamond-encrusted maple leaf brooch in 1932 while they visited Canada.

The Queen allowed Kate to wear this brooch on a trip the family made to Canada shortly after their wedding and has since worn it to multiple Canadian trips and functions.

Historical Accessories

In October of 2018, Kate wore the badge of the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II to a state dinner at The Buckingham Palace.

This badge is one of honor that the Queen awards to members of the family when they have shown exemplary service. The bad is only worn at special events when presented by the Queen.

Honorary Treatment


Through the recognition of the Royal Family Order Badge and the various gifts of family heirlooms the Queen has allowed Duchess Kate to wear, it is quite clear that the Queen holds Kate in high regard.

Kate is honored by the commendations the Queen has shown her and she works hard to fulfill her duties and make a meaningful difference in her position.

Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace

Duchess Kate was seen wearing the Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace in 2014 when she attended the National Portrait Gala. The piece looked elegant and charming around Kate’s neck at the event.

The necklace was a wedding present to the Queen by Asaf Jah VII, the ruler of Hyderabad at the time.

Working Hard


Kate often goes above and beyond, working hard to fulfill her Royal responsibilities and take on various other responsibilities as well. She is active as a Royal family member in various public engagements and charity events.

She continually proves herself worthy of having a place in the Royal family, while maintaining her character and down-to-earth nature.


Kate travels globally with Prince William, excelling at her role as Duchess as they meet with world leaders everywhere. Kate makes a point to converse and meet with common people in her travels, always providing a warm welcome and a smile to those she meets.

Kate puts forth considerable effort in supporting her husband and the Royal family and standing proudly for the Royal family’s reputation.

Dame Grand Cross Announcement


The Queen gave Kate the ultimate anniversary gift when she honored her with the title of Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order. This title was offered as the Queen’s validation that Kate truly belongs as part of the Royal family.

This will be one of Kate’s treasured memories and a much more valuable gift than jewels could ever be.

Not A Simple Gift

Queen Victoria created the Royal Victorian Order at her time of rule. When the Royal Victorian Order awards are made, they are personal commendations of the Queen for services specific to the sovereign.

The Dame Grand Cross is the highest rank available in the Royal Victorian Order and is chosen solely by the Queen, with no outside recommendation.

A New Title


The gift of the Royal Victorian Order’s Dame Grand Cross means that Kate has a new title to appear after her name. The title of GCVO is one to remember. Accompanied by the title, Kate will wear a blue sash when attending royal events.

Kate intends to continue to fully support the Queen, as well as celebrate her success through the years. Kate is inspired by the Queen’s leadership over 60 years.

Queen Consort In the Making

The title of Dame Grand Cross was a significant event in Kate’s life and a high honor as well. Kate knows that someday she will be the Queen Consort, adding another layer of honorable titles to Kate’s name.

It is rumored that the Queen meets with Kate regularly to train and prepare her for this role in the future.

Change is in the Air


Through the years, the role of Queen Consort has adapted. At one time, this role was dedicated to providing heirs to the throne, however, this is no longer the sole intention. This title will give Kate an even more significant role within the Royal family.

While this role will be an adaptation with added responsibility for Kate, she will not share military or political authority with William when he is crowned King of England.

Titles Say It All

While many times you hear a title does not make or break you, when it comes to being in the Royal family, titles mean everything. Titles are heavily valued within the Royal family and they are hard-earned, not just given away. Titles do not define you, but in the Royal Family, they are an honored gift.

Personal Time


Kate and the Queen have one-on-one meetings on regularly. At times, they can be seen having afternoon tea together and catching up on personal and business talk while they do. While they have casual meetings, they also hold formal meetings together in which Kate is being trained for her future in the Royal family.

Miniature Royals

The Royal children have continued the title extravaganza associated with the Royal family. Kate and William’s children, along with Meghan and Harry’s son, have been granted titles of His or Her Royal Highness at birth.

With the current title setup, if Kate and William’s son King George eventually takes the crown, Kate will be Queen Catherine, the Queen Mother.

A Place Among the Stars


It’s quite intriguing to consider what titles may come in the distant future, but that time is still far off. There is no doubt that Kate has been warmly welcomed into the Royal family, despite her humble background.

Kate effortlessly shows that she will do whatever it takes and work very hard to support the Queen and their country.

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