Meghan’s ‘graceless’ behavior would have ‘appalled’ Diana, claims Lady Colin Campbell

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have consistently been in the spotlight, with many commentaries and notations as to how Meghan truly fits into the royal family. Meghan certainly didn’t come from a royal background, but does she fit in with the royal family she married into?

It’s impossible to know whether Meghan and Harry will ever adapt to a royal married lifestyle, but all signs point to them only looking out for their own interests with no regard for the royal image at this point in time.

Meghan and Harry Lack Grace

Lady Colin comments that Meghan and Harry use charm only when they feel like it, but alternatively they often lack grace showing just how little Meghan truly understands what her royal position should portray.

Will Meghan and Harry learn that they should have a specific image for the public in order to respect their place amongst the royal family?

What would Lady Diana Say?

Princess Diana was well aware of the spotlight that fell on royalty and how important it was to portray grace at all times.

The behavior of Prince Harry and Meghan and their lack of grace would be appalling to Diana. While we are all human, she knew you had to play the part.

Does Meghan Understand Her Royal Position?

Meghan’s public behavior and obvious lack of grace make it quite clear to Lady Colin that Meghan does not fully understand or appreciate what it means to be part of the royal family.

She oversteps by refusing to display the royal behavior that is expected of her. Her refusal to act as a royal is blatantly disrespectful to the royal family.

It’s Not All Meghan

Lady Colin directly notes that both Meghan and Harry are guilty of not acting as royals should act. They do not portray the proper image and it is not just Meghan.

Harry should know better considering his life as a royal, but he seems to lack understanding as well.

Has Harry been brought down to this level because of his relationship with Meghan?

The Public Is Deprived

With Meghan and Harry acting like normal humans rather than royals, it could be said that they are depriving the people who avidly watch the royals of the pretentious life that they watch for.

Royals are meant to catch a certain type of attention for the fans of the royals.

Lady Colin Speaks Out

Lady Colin has made it quite clear that she does not hold Meghan in high regard. While she mentions that both Meghan and Harry both lack royal grace, it seems most of her comments are directed towards Meghan and her background.

Lady Colin admittedly thought Meghan started out doing well joining the royal family, but it appears as if she has dropped the act that she started with and begun to act on her own will.

Did Meghan Backtrack from the Beginning?

Lady Colin noted that Meghan appeared to do quite well in the beginning of their public relationship, but it’s quite clear that she does not believe Meghan is quite cutting it now. It’s as if Meghan was putting on an act, which has since dropped.

Meghan portrayed herself in a much different light initially and she was much more respectful of her position in the royal family then.

A Rocky Road Ahead

Not coming from a royal background, Meghan very well could be blind to what is expected of being a royal.

I daresay she could have a rocky road ahead and she simply does not understand things she really needs to understand to be successful in her role. If Meghan continues to act out of turn for the royal family, she could face years of backlash.

Celebrity vs Royal

Meghan understands the spotlight, but celebrity status and royal status are really not the same. They are two very different spotlights that hold widely different expectations. She hustled before, but she needs to hustle differently as a royal.

Meghan doesn’t understand that the spotlight as a royal is far different than the spotlight she experienced as a celebrity.

Meghan Knows How to Hustle

Meghan has made it very clear that she and her ex-husband knew how to hustle. It’s noted that Meghan described her past relationship and how hard they hustled in a bragging manner.

Hustle as in work hard to win the spotlight and excel. Meghan should consider it’s no longer time to hustle, but time instead to show respect and honor as a royal family member.

Royals Don’t ‘Hustle’

Hustle is not a term that is suitable for the actions of a royal. As a lady or a royal, hustle is not what you do. You perform with grace for the public eye.

Hustling and gracefully performing are two very different outlooks. While hustling helped Meghan be successful as a celebrity, this is a far different lifestyle that requires a different approach.

Embrace the Difference

Meghan could do very well as Duchess if she knew how to play the game. She has to understand this is like no other game she has ever been a part of. She needs to embrace the new challenge and adapt to being a royal now.

Meghan left her old life behind to become a part of the royal family and she must adapt if she wants to be successful.

A New Act

Lady Colin told Closer magazine: “She was never an A-lister, so she needs to stop acting like one” as she lashed out about Meghan’s background as a celebrity.

There is no comparison in celebrity and royal and it’s time for Meghan to come up with a new act, she stated.

Left-Wing Backlash

Meghan guest edited a left-wing September issue of Vogue that has brought about mass criticism. She has been accused of being cheap, vulgar, and irresponsible in the position she assumed with the article. It’s simply not how royals behave.

Taking a political stance requires caution and grace. As members of a royal family, they must approach their political opinions with care as it reflects on the nation and the household.

Prince Harry Should Know Better

Prince Harry gave a lecture on climate change that left a bad taste in people’s mouth as well. It’s as if he has been influenced by Meghan and is acting irresponsibly as she does.

There’s been much backlash from his lecture to celebrities in Sicily. Harry’s behavior emulates a specific lack of respect for the royal household.

From Rags to Riches

Meghan was a celebrity prior to becoming a royal, but she had to work hard to get to that point. Being a celebrity simply cannot prepare you for the magnitude of change that comes with being a royal.

Meghan’s life underwent a drastic change when she married into the royal family, but the question is how will she adapt, and can she do so gracefully?

Only Royals Truly Understand

We see the royals from a distance and we understand there are politics at play, but we really have no idea what being royal entails. It is impossible for an outsider to truly understand how a royal should act, but one should at least try.

Kate proved that it’s possible for a non-royal person to come into the family and learn how to fit in, but Meghan doesn’t seem to want to follow her lead.


At this point, it almost seems like Meghan and Harry are trying to prove a point by continuing to flaunt their actions and act as they please with little grace for the public eye.

Do they continue to act as such because they are trying to prove a point, or do they not see the error of their ways?

Meghan is No Kate

Kate too received much backlash for having no royal background, but Kate quickly adapted and learned how she must act as a royal. She is now an adored addition to the royal family with a bright future ahead. Could Meghan ever reach that point?

Is Meghan too stubborn to take advice from Kate and join the royal world with grace?

Will Meghan Learn?

Meghan has shown that she can portray the picture of elegant royalty and grace when she so chooses.

Will Meghan continue to act as she pleases when she pleases or will she continue to adapt to being a royal and hold the title in a better manner? Meghan’s success relies on her attitude.

Is Harry Fooled By the Act?

Is Harry blind to how their actions represent the royal family or does he simply not care? Is he seeking to change what is expected of the royal family or are they being too harshly judged because of Meghan’s background?

Harry was raised in the royal family but seems to follow Meghan’s lead.

Jibes Towards Kate and William

Harry and Meghan have been noted for making tactless comments towards the royal couple William and Kate. William and Kate are well received and respected and there could be some royal competition between the couples.

Kate and William have been very successful in winning over the hearts of the people, while Harry and Meghan are snide and turn up their noses.

Did Meghan Change Harry?

Prince Harry used to be a well-behaved young lad. He was raised in the royal family and is well aware of what is expected of them. Since his relationship with Meghan began, he has consistently crossed the line away from graceful royal.

Both Meghan and Harry are young. It’s possible they could see the error of their ways.

Princess Diana Would Be So Upset

Princess Diana knew and understood what being a royal meant. If she were here today, she would have a heart-to-heart with Harry and Meghan and turn them in the right direction.

Sometimes it just takes a motherly touch to bring about positive change.
We have to wonder just what Princess Diana would say to Harry given the opportunity.

There is Still Hope

Prince Harry and Meghan are still quite young. They spend much time in the spotlight and their relationship is still new as well.

It is possible that as they grow up they will see the error of their ways and learn a bit of elegance and grace to return a positive image to their names.

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