Remarkable Story of Twins Born with Different Skin Colors

1. Great News

This story begins in Gloucester, England, where Donna and Vince Aylmer expected to add some addition to their already huge family. There were five people in their current family already, and another one was making its way there too. Donna was 49-years-old at the time and worked at a warehouse while her husband was 55-years-old and working as a scaffolder. Vince took Donna to the doctor for her first checkup.

Just like with any other expecting family, the duo was a bit nervous, however, they have been in this position before. They did not expect any complications. Nothing could have prepared the couple for what was in store for them.

2. Twins

After Donna was all checked up, the doctor told the couple that they will have to make a bit more room in the house. They had twins on their way. While the couple was more than happy to hear of the twin’s health, it was quite the shocking news for another reason.

They never expected twins, and they already had three at home – George, Chynna, and Jordan. Adding twins on top of that did not sound easy at all! However, they would have to deal with that later, and right now they were just happy to share the news with their family. They did not know that there was much more shocking news on its way.

3. Look at Us

The big day came on January 16, 1997. The couple accepted two healthy and cute twins into their home. However, there was a shock that followed as soon as the midwife gave the twins to the couple. Donna did not know what to say, and she handled it pretty well given the news.


There was one of the twins in one arm, who was as white as the snow, with eyes as blue as the ocean with ginger hair. They named her Lucy. On the other hand, a set of brown eyes was staring at her accompanied with brown skin as well. They named her Maria. They had no idea how this could have happened.

4. Same Genes

As is usually the case when it comes to twins, these two beautiful girls got the same outfits as well. It might be cute when you do it to a regular twin couple, but it was kind of strange to Donna when she had to do it on twins that were obviously not the same.


If you took a look at Lucy, with her red hair, you could quickly mistake her as a kid of Irish descent. When you took a look at Maria, however, you would think that she was a child out of somewhere from Africa. We know that it sounds totally unbelievable, but you just have to see them now.

5. Totally Different

When they reached seven years of age, the twins decided that they do not like to dress the same anymore. Unfortunately, despite their young age, they took notice that they are nowhere near alike and simply did not understand the reason behind dressing like they were.


It was quite a heartbreaking moment when the twins mentioned their concerns to their mother about not feeling like they are the same, simply because they looked so different. Each of them started to identify as a single human being, even though they were twins. And as you could imagine that brought quite a lot of bad stuff to the table.

6. No Fooling Around

Even though they were in the same classroom when school rolled around the corner, not a single teacher had any difficulties when it came to knowing which one is which. We all have heard about twins switching homework or even tests, but this was not the case of these two.


Sure, both of them were quite as happy on their own, but there were some things still missing when it came to being identified as twins. When it comes to twins, you can usually tell them apart by how they act. They have their own personalities. This was also the case of these two, and as years went by, they would showcase that their personalities were as different as their looks.

7. Different Personalities

When the two reached the mark of 18-years-old, journalists started knocking at the door. They all wanted to hear their story, especially how different they were personally. Lucy said, “Maria was outgoing whilst I was the shy one.” With her twin at her side, Maria agreed. She finished the sentence for her sister by saying that Lucy started to display the outgoing trait much later than she did.


When it came to Lucy, she did not want anything to do with strangers. Maria, on the other hand, had no problems with them. They were simply too different and did not even enjoy the company of one another until many years later when their personalities changed with their growth. If you are wondering what the due is up to now then make sure to read on!

8. Hating Themselves

As with all of us, the girls did not like some stuff about their bodies. Maria on one hand absolutely hated the curly hair she had. It even went so far that she would cry over it. Lucy, on the other hand, did not like her skin tone. She had to deal with bullies who called her a ghost, and bugged her that it was obvious that she is adopted.


Lucy was a very bright girl even at her young age, and she thought long and hard where her pale tone came from. She ended up with her own conclusion – she was pale thanks to her grandmother and her genes. When she was older she started to flatten her hair, because she too had curls, but not as obvious as Maria. There is more!

9. An Uncommon Occurrence

Donna and Vince made what seemed like twins of different races and they had no clue how they did it. Ultrasound cannot reveal the skin tone of a baby, so they had no idea what surprise was waiting for them. It is not that uncommon to give birth to twins of different skin tones. It actually happens to 1 case in every 500.


All of their other three kids were of dark skin tone prior, so that is what made the surprise even greater. However, Maria was born even darker, while Lucy was born really pale. Read on to see what happened with the twins in the future and make sure to read on to see what causes this type of different coloration.

10. How?

When it comes to twins of two different skin colors, it is usually due to the fact that their parents are of different races. Donna’s husband Vince is a Caucasian. Donna, on the other hand, is half Jamaican. That means that it was not strange that their kids had a bit of color to them.


The thing that was surprising the most was the fact that even though they were twins, they looked completely different. Even their faces looked different, let alone the skin color. It looked like the twins were not twins at all. You might be wondering what causes this. We have the answer.

11. The Facts Behind It

Our two sisters are what is called “non-identical twins”. Non-identical twins are the result of two different eggs in a single womb. What this means is that they do not look alike. Furthermore, due to their parent’s genes, it was a lottery on which of the two girls would be white.


In our particular case, it was much more likely for one of the twins to be of a lighter tone than the other, considering that their mother was only half Jamaican. She, therefore, had both genes, and it was only a matter of luck in which of the twins would get it. However, there was much more to it than just different skin color.

12. Different Styles

Sure, they were different both in looks and had different personality traits, but there was also a difference in how they dressed. Lucy chose to go with dark clothing, along with a piercing here and there accompanied with dark makeup. Maria, however, chose to dress a bit more high-class like and introduced a boho twist to her style.


Lucy said that their difference in everything life had thrown at them made the difference in how they interacted with each other as kids. She said that if they looked as if they came from the same family that they maybe would have spent more time with each other. Things did change later on and they now share an unbreakable bond.

13. Fresh Bond

Lucy said, “Now we have grown older, even though we still look so different, the bond between us is much stronger.” According to the two sisters, they do not look at each other only as sisters nowadays, but they function as best friends too.


There is nothing that makes Maria prouder these days than telling that Lucy is her twin despite her pale skin tone. They had to overcome quite a few obstacles thanks to their differences, but some people in their lives still struggle to understand that they are in fact twins. You are probably wondering where the twins are today?

14. Different Schools

They have learned that their differences are a good thing, and have learned to live with them. Their style is not the only thing that is different about them, however. They chose their careers from opposite ends of the spectrum. Lucy became an art student and Maria studied law.

FacebookThe Aylmer Twins

They maintain their image and constantly talk positive things of one another, which is exactly why the media took interest in their story. However, there are still people out there who do not like them the way they are. Make sure to read on to see what we mean.

15. Bad Friends

Numerous different journalists reached out to the twins and published their stories. Some of their college friends were mesmerized, while others called them fake. According to Maria, there were numerous cases of being asked if they were real twins after the photo of Lucy came up.

Worldwide Features/Barcroft Me via Getty Images1

Once they appeared on the television all doubt seemed to have disappeared. There are, of course, still some people out there who do not believe the story, and Maria thinks that it is only normal. People are just not used to seeing twins that are not equal in any way.

16. Birth Certificate

The twins actually struggled to convince their friends as well. They even had to show them the birth certificates so that people would actually believe that the story they were telling was actually true.

Worldwide Features/Barcroft Me via Getty Images

This all leads to the realization that biracial twins cause quite a lot of ruckus, and people are not used to seeing them. Maria made a comment, saying “These friends sure don’t have a lot of trusts…” What traits do the two share?

17. Sharing a Bond

The twins are not hiding the fact that they did not bond too much when they were growing up. That does not mean, however, that they do not share what some would call a psychic bond. Something that twins have talked about for centuries.

Facebook/The Aylmer Twins

They are not as connected as some other twins, but they do share the physical pain. If one of them gets hurt, the other one hurts on the same spot as well. We are not done here. We have much more in store for you.

18. Look-Alike

The twins are actually quite the opposites of one another, but at the same time, they are actually quite similar. They are both sporting slender figurines, and both could easily pass their tests as models if they wanted to.

Worldwide Features/Barcroft Me via Getty Images

You do not have to take a closer look to figure out that there is something quite similar between the two. They have managed to overcome quite a lot in their lives, and they truly trust each other and will always guard each other’s back. Maria and Lucy are not the only set of biracial twins out there. There are actually many more. We present you with the next ones!

19. Another Example

You are looking at Marcia and Millie Biggs. They two have different skin tones, but they are actually quite identical in everything else. These two do share the same style and do not let their differences get in their way. If one of them changes her hairstyle then so does the other.

Youtube/Inside Edition Marcia and Millie Biggs

Both of them are interested in the same things, such as gymnastics and dance. When it comes to school, they excel in the same subject as well, for example in science and mathematics. If they did not share their style or smarts then you could assume that they are not even related.

20. And Yet Another One

Next up on our list are the Dean twins. You are looking at Kalani and Jarani. Their different complexion is also the result of mixed genes. One of them took the dad’s black genes, while the other took her mother’s white genes. Their mother thinks that twins like hers are the perfect symbol in the ongoing fight against racism.

Youtube/Inside Edition Kalani and Jarani Dean

She thinks that by showing biracial twins all over the media, we can show the public that skin tone is actually unimportant. She said, “They’re the same girl, just different colors.” She too was surprised, however, when the twins were born. It is quite uncommon.

21. Not Disappointing

Our next case left Joanne and Larry wondering if the twins that were about to be born, would take the father or the mother’s genes. The twins decided to not disappoint their parents and came out in this world as one of one color and the other as another.

WorldwideFeatures/Barcroft Image/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The skin tones were not too noticeable when they were born. However, as they grew, it became more obvious that they were in-fact of different colors. Their mother stated: “No one ever believes they are twins because they don’t look alike at all. They don’t even look like brother and sister, let alone twins.”

22. Mixed Genes

In our next story, Kian and Remee made it out in the world with only a few minutes between them. Both their mother and father had mixed genes in their genetic pool prior to the birth of their children, so they were left astounded when these two peeked out.

Facebook/Creative Ideas Kian and Remee Twins

Scientists claim that the chance of having twins is about 1 in 1000000. It is very obvious that one has a pale complexion while the other sports a nice brown one. According to their parents, they both said “juice” as their first word. However, they are very different from one another in every other aspect.

23. Unlikely Brothers

When you take a look at James and Daniel you would never guess that they are brothers. And despite being born to the same mother and father, they are very different from one another. James is of darker complexion and absolutely loves school. He is also gay. Daniel, on the other hand, is of white complexion and hates school. He is straight, unlike his brother.

Facebook/Katarina Nina Mitic

They have their father to thank for the difference in colors, considering that he is the one of Jamaican descent. Their mother stated that “It was hard to believe they were even brothers, let alone twins.”

24. Multi-gene Family

These two are absolutely cute. You are looking at Viviana and Dennis Ng. There is something quite interesting happening in their family as well. The Ng’s are a family who has genes from every possible place on earth.

Facebook/Deb Davis

So when their DNA was tested it revealed that Viviana and Dennis have African, Hispanic, Hawaiian, Chinese, and European genes. Their mother stated that: “Some people ask are they mine, are they twins or were they conceived naturally. When I’m with my husband they are like, ‘Oh, now I see.’ ”

25. Bullies

It is not easy at all when you have to grow up looking unique compared to everyone else in the family. Breana Cincotta had to live that life. She quickly got the nickname “albino” by her bullies and was forced to choose a side.

Facebook/Breana Cincotta

But, years pass and people grow up, and these two twins do not have to struggle with bullies anymore. There are still many people out there, however, who are not convinced and claim that they are not related at all.

26. Identical Biracial Twins

Our next case display two identical twins. Yeah, not many of us would have known that without seeing the documents. Identical twins of different skin color are even rarer than the other ones, and Amelia and Jasmine, are considered as the first of their kind born in the United Kingdom.

Facebook/Asare Evans Kwasi

Their parent knew they were expecting twins. They wanted to make sure to be able to tell them apart, but the girls surprised them. Their mother stated that: “When they were born, we were flabbergasted, even the doctors couldn’t believe it. They look like they’re different races.”

27. The Spooner’s

This is one incredibly lucky family. The Spooner’s have two twin pairs. And yes, you guessed it, both pairs are biracial. They are seven years apart but share the same story.

Facebook/Beautiful Mixed and Proud!

According to geneticists, there has been a barrier breach in recent years, and we might be seeing even more of twins like these in the distant future. This is due to people marrying people of another skin color more often than in the past.

28. Huge Controversy

These two cute boys were born in Ohio, United States. As is the case with most of these twins, their father was the one who was black, and the mother was white. An uncommon sighting in medical terms, but a huge controversy in the parent’s community.

Facebook/Carlton Wilkinson

Ghabriael made it out in this world with pale skin, while Triniti boasted black skin color. Their parents are constantly under attack whether they are brothers plus if they have the same dad. As if it was not bad enough for the kids, some people ask their parents how they can live with them.

29. Mother Connection

In some cases the biracial twins might be caused by the proximity to another set of biracial twins. Their parents are friends. And much more than that! Their mothers are twins themselves!

Facebook/Carla Holloway

Yes, we are all aware that it is a play of genetics, but still, the chances of this happening are very low. They both have their own biracial twins. One of them said, “The kids played really well together because they all the same age group and I guess it helps that they have something in ­common.”

30. The Joke

This particular couple heard jokes about the colors of their twins before they were even born. Hannah and Kyle had a friend joke around that Hannah would give birth to twins of different colors. And she did.


It was obviously a shocking moment to see that the jokes were in-fact true. According to them, they cannot go anywhere in public without being stopped and asked about them. Their mother said, “I can’t walk down the aisle at the supermarket without getting stopped.”

31. After Years of Trying

Carole and Brian are one of those couples who unfortunately had quite a few issues when it came to having kids. Carole finally got pregnant after many years of trying and gave birth to twins. Biracial twins, to be more exact.

Facebook/Jaan Hazarika

We had already stated that the chance of twins is 1 in 1000000. But taking into consideration all of their struggles this meant that these two adorable babies were on the verge of being considered a miracle.

32. A Genetic Mutation

Just like in many other cases, Daniel surprised his parents when he popped in this world white as snow. This was even weirder considering that the couple was both black. Francis, his father, said that he had his own doubts whether he is the father of Daniel.

Facebook/Aseneba Kwabena Brobbey Marley

Daniel is what we would not necessarily consider as a biracial twin, but he is the product of a genetic mutation. It actually runs in the mother’s family. A few generations back there has been a case of a relative giving birth to a white kid, but his mother thought that it was just some old family myth.

33. The DiMarco Family

You might remember Nyle DiMarco from America’s Next Top Model. He actually won the show! However, he has a brother, Nico, a twin who does not look like him at all. The twins are both, unfortunately, deaf.

Tasia Wells/WireImage/Getty Images

They are also not considered to be biracial twins, but a simple play of genetics. Nyle made a name for himself as a model and an actor. Nico, on the other hand, is making quite a career as a DJ. They both do their part for the community and spread awareness of the problems that deaf people have to go through on a daily basis.

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