The Funniest Resignation Letters Ever

If you look hard enough you can find fun in anything at all, and while for some people losing their job is the absolute worst thing that could happen to them, others see a chance to get a laugh out of the whole thing.

It can pretty cathartic to communicate finally those things that you have had on your mind but haven’t wanted to say for fear of losing your job. Sometimes, by the time you are teed up to take the shot you really have nothing to lose.


You have to be pretty OK with the notion that you aren’t going to be using the person you play the joke on as a reference, or that they will maybe find it funny it too, or you may have reached a point where you really don’t care too much anymore, and getting a laugh is the last thing you are going to get from the job.

It’s great that these letters have been preserved for posterity by the internet, otherwise, the glory of some of these resignations may have been lost. The internet gives us these great resignation letters, and while we’re not suggesting you use any of these ideas yourself, they should give you something to chuckle about.


This Job Is Extinct

Giving two weeks notice can be a weird thing, whether you love the job you are at, or hate it. Either way, you are going to be walking in there for two weeks and counting down to your exit.

One way to possibly speed the whole thing up, is to take your artistic flair and your sense of humor, and send them a dinosaur-o-gram. One employee took his pen and gave life to that lesser known denizen of the Jurassic period, Quitmyjobosaurus, and let him tell his bosses that he no longer wished to work there. Do this and your bosses are sure to get the message.


Job To Go

When you work at a fast food joint you have to be pretty quick getting those orders put together, and it is definitely one of those industries where people are pretty quick in deciding that they have had enough and want to move on to something with better hours and better pay.

When you want to leave there may be a bit less paperwork than some other jobs, so your resignation probably does not need to be that lengthy. One Wendy’s employee, whose tagline is Quality Is Our Recipe decided to rearrange the letters on the Wendy’s sign to leave a quality resignation letter.


Mic Drop And Bounce

Mic drops are a classy way to exit any conversation. A lot of these resignation letters, as you can see, are a fun way to have the last word, and turn what could be a miserable trudge towards the door into the kind of victory that someone like the lead character in Office Space pulls off.

Elizabeth Young draws a mic drop and gives a mic drop, making this a super clever way to sign off and bid farewell to that job you no longer want to work at. It is a triumphant gesture, and for sure this counts as the ultimate mic drop.


In Memory Of

This next one may be a little morbid for some, but it definitely gets the point across – you kind of laugh while feeling just a little bit uncomfortable. David Sell really sells it here. That day to day grind can get to where you feel like the living dead, and when you leave it can feel like you passed on.

Hi bosses surely did a bit of a double take when they saw it, until they saw the dates on there and matched them up with the amount of time he had been working there. Hopefully he got to exercise some of that playful creativity at his next job.


Last Christmas

You don’t want the job, but you have worked for the perks of the job, and one of them is the Christmas Party. This great letter is made by the PS, which is snuck in with a much smaller font than the huge I QUIT! and the juxtaposition of those two fonts makes the assertion even funnier.

Hopefully the Christmas Party went well, and it wasn’t something like John McClane visiting Nakatomi Plaza. The brass neck of the person the letter really should have made it worthwhile having them come along.


Price Tag, You’re It

This is more of an invitation for your boss to fire you than a literal resignation letter, but it definitely gets the point across. You can imagine the first that saw this, and then the slow delayed reaction as the message of what was on the label made it to the boss.

You can imagine the employee sat there waiting as the fuse wire burned down, and the resulting explosion was felt. There must have been a lot of anticipation, and then the satisfaction of that final pay off.


Yours Sincerely

When you are shopping for a card it can be a real struggle to find one that perfectly conveys the thought you want to communicate to the recipient. This person really hit a home run with this message.

What a perfect Trojan Horse for delivering your two weeks notice. The person who picked up that card probably felt some trepidation opening it, and then read the message, and got down to the real message that provided context, and boom – the punchline was delivered. If you couldn’t laugh after getting this, your funny bone would have to be seriously misplaced.


Top Billing

This person decided to give their resignation top billing. They one-upped the Wendy’s sign and announced to one and all that this was their last action at the movie theater.

It would be interesting to find out whether the boss did actually get up there and change those letters out, or whether someone else had the honor of doing it. One thing is for sure, it almost definitely gave the audiences at theater a great show.


At The End Of The Rainbow

If you are looking for a happy resignation, where quitting feels like a true victory, then you need look no further than Bella Scocozza. The illustration here is amazing – the rainbow and the star and that huge smile, with the legend I’m A Quitter! would have to make you smile.

Even if you had a momentary annoyance at replacing Bella for that shift, you would have to admit that this is celebratory and funny, all at the same time.


Short And Sweet

It’s great, when the caption for the picture is longer than the letter itself. “My ex-manager wouldn’t give me my last paycheck without a resignation letter,” is what the person posted when they shared this.

I quit conveys a lot here – all the frustration at the bureaucracy, and the attitude of, if I have to comply with this stupid rule then they are going to get the absolute minimum effort possible.


Heartfelt Cupcakes

If you loved your job, but you want to go and do something else, you still have to hand in a letter of resignation, and there is nothing to say you can’t have some fun with that as well.

You make the resignation and the way you deliver it something that makes people smile, and it will give them a good memory of you. This person made some cupcakes with a really heartfelt message that probably had some of her work colleagues tearing up.



This letter is the perfect way to make someone who maybe made you feel awkward too. Mitch is channeling Ethan Hunt of Mission Impossible, and his tongue firmly in his cheek, even if other things are apparently less well secured.

The revelation of a possible unzipped fly is discomforting enough, but it is that P.S. that really socks it to Mitch’s boss.


I Knew It Was Coming And Baked A Cake

How do you guarantee that someone is going to read your resignation letter, and possibly parlay that into future sales in your new job? Mr Cake has the perfect recipe for you to follow.

Not all resignation letters are sad, and not everyone wants to communicate how much they hated their job. This cake has all that, and it points the way to a bright future. If that cake tastes as good as it looks, Mr Cake is going to be a big success.


Cleaning Up And Heading For The Stars

How is your Photoshop? If it is passable you could emulate Tom and create something that transforms the resignation letter into a real statement piece. How many people wouldn’t want to surf off to the stars on the back of a rainbow powered vacuum cleaner.

You don’t have to know what job Tom quit from, but you have to wonder  where he rode that vacuum to, and if it was as creatively rewarding as this resignation letter was.


Don’t Dig Dug

March 8th probably stuck in Doug’s memory for a while when he got this letter. You can feel the attitude bristling from this little missive, it is dripping with sarcasm.

It totally makes sure that Doug has the time frame and the date locked in, and is sure about Tom’s exit as he is.


It’s Me, Mario

Well played to this person, who contracted Mario to let his bosses know he wouldn’t want to come into work anymore. This sequence, made by a computer doesn’t leave mushroom for doubt when the words I QUIT! appear on the screen as Mario grabs a mushroom, with the words Actually I resigned lt week underneath him.

On the next screen, our favorite Italian plumber shuffles down the flagpole and disappears.


Not Napkin Poetry

As we’ve seen already, minimalism is sometimes very effective. Why beat around the bush when you can just get straight to the point and let your boss know exactly how you feel? The words on this resignation are only part of the message – the way in which they are delivered really drives home the point.

Angrily scrawled on paper towels in sharpie, Matt really let his boss see how he felt about his workplace.


Fill In The Blanks

The F at the bottom of this letter is maybe best left to your imagination. It is true that it kind of fills itself in as a logical conclusion after reading the rest of what this person says, but who knows, it really could be anything?

This resignation letter is full of resignation, and given the way that the person has been treated it is totally understandable why they would want to move on.


The Stinger

The first line of this letter is bad enough – a real gut punch of an opener. The rest of the letter is a tour de force that really must have made the recipient feel as bad as they deserved to feel.

You can see how much the person writing the letter is barely containing the anger that they feel towards this person, and how the real sting of the letter comes at the end, when the writer performs a switcheroo, and tells their ex-boss how bad they were at their job, while not openly saying that.


Late To The Party

This had to be really embarrassing for the boss. Imagine that you turn up at work and you get the double whammy of realizing that the business was shut up and you have been losing customers, and you have lost an employee who has been more reliable than you have been.

If the boss wasn’t the owner he might have ended up looking for a job as well.


Your Sad Future

This letter is great – it sketches out for the boss, who has not been paying their employees a salary that they can live on comfortably, what their future may look like.

It also suggests that the employee is doing more for the boss than the boss has ever done for them, because they care about their boss and don’t want them to get fat.



You can tell that this person really did not care what their boss thought. They sent something because that is a thing you do. There is some humor in it, of course. The Automatic Reply format is great and that one line does definitely let the boss know that they won’t be seeing their employee any time soon.

This approach is definitely an approach where you have decided to burn your bridges, and you are hopefully already safely tucked away in a new job somewhere which doesn’t require any references.


Whiteboard Marks The Spot

When you look at this resignation you have to wonder where in the office it was. You can just see all the management or a group of employees making their way to the conference room and seeing this note on the whiteboard.

You would have to be worried if you were one of the people fingered in this tale of corruption, and you might be wondering exactly how far the now ex-employee was willing to go with the information, which they seem to have plenty of.


Under The Radar

This has to be one of the saddest resignations here. You look at it and you wonder how no one knew that they were leaving.

Maybe it was something they weren’t encouraged to discuss. You have to hope that this person who flew out under the radar was contacted by some of the people who shared those memories with Nancy. There is definitely an interesting story there that it would be great to find out.


Into The Outland

Quitting your job to go travelling is one thing, but leaving to make your way to the broken realm known as outland is another thing entirely.

What did his boss think of his higher calling? Was it inspiring? Maybe he went there via Toronto, or ended up in Toronto via the broken realm, but surely it was an interesting journey.


Finally Expressed Hostility

It really does sound like Andrew did well to get out of his job, before that anger boiled over into something more hostile than the message he left for his boss.

When you’re angry enough to throw that many expletives into the mix you know that whatever the boss did to anger his employee had to have been something pretty bad. Even with everything blurred out the message is definitely conveyed.


Cheers For Being Great!

Whereas some people obviously want to do harm to their boss, or at least rant at them as the last act at the company, some people really loved their boss and the people that they worked with.

Getting a bottle of jack daniels is already a pretty nice thank you present, but this person went above and beyond to let their co-workers know that they had a great time. This is one of those resignation letters that you could really savour.


Haiku Humor

This great resignation letter was brief, and added a little poetry, to what would have been most likely a very solemn occasion. It got some great interaction from those who saw it, and maybe even though the company went down he wasn’t such a bad guy.

When you sink it isn’t always the easiest thing to inject humor into it, but Jonathan tried, and did a pretty good job.


The Bard Is Done

Shakespeare said “Brevity is the soul of wit,” but he also wrote some wonderfully long speeches as well. Sometimes, when you are looking to end that job you may get inspired by the muses, and decide to pen something like this man.

The phrase “the end of all ends to my employment” truly would have summed it all up, but then you wouldn’t get to enjoy the journey, and the florid patterns of thought that this employee went through.


Last Print Job

Whoever gave this printer a voice was much more feeling for the piece of equipment than the guys in Office Space would have been.

The printer has been a loyal employee – it has come to the end of its time, and needs to be relieved of duty. There is definitely some real pathos in this note, so much that it might evoke the fate of some of its more human co-workers.


An Eloquent Exit

Pat really knocks this one out of the park. You can imagine the boss reading this and being very happy that they were able to create the kind of work environment that inspired this kind of feeling and loyalty.

It must have felt pretty good to write it as well, to instil a good feeling in those one has worked with. If you love your job, it really can be like a family.


Getting The Error Message

When someone whose job it is to communicate succinctly goes, you may get something that is a little more polished than your average resignation letter.

This designer crafted something for their former employer that totally nails the message, and demonstrates their skills as a designer. So their boss surely felt bad, and also became immediately aware of the skilled employee they had waved goodbye to.


On A Roll With That Metaphor

A lot of people go to the bathroom and claim that it is a great place for them to come up with good ideas, and this employee was struck by a really great extended metaphor, that involved the very thing he was sitting on.

Was his job not exactly like the activity he was currently involved in? Did the solution to what to do with this job seem patently obvious? Yep – flush it!


Take Charge

Sometimes you have to take charge, and if your boss won’t do it, then you are going to have to just step around him and handle it yourself.

Being attacked by another drunken employee and then finding out that your boss won’t solve the problem is a good indication that you may not want to work for them anymore. His actions definitely would have backfired when their clients saw this note.


Those Special Words

Sometimes the message just leaps out at you, and this message really does pack a punch, using an interesting anatomical part to deliver said punch.

It manages to at once position the employee as a man of strength, and his employers as people sadly lacking in said quality. By this point you can sense that the restraint that the employee had employe in the job was no longer there, and he decided to forego a more conservative statement.


Crowdsourced Resignation

Sometimes you can’t come up with something yourself, so why not just crowdsource it? There are some eloquent and willing people out there on the internet, so why not just get one of them to come up with the reason why you are quitting, and the words which you use to say goodbye to the employer who has seemingly driven you into apathy?

This person took the low effort resignation letter a step further, and aced it. Who knows, you may get something a lot funnier than you were able to come up with yourself.



As you can see from these great examples, you don’t have to leave work hanging your head and doing the walk of shame, you can actually walk out of there like a warrior, proud that you struck a blow for your compadres in the industry.

Obviously this is easier to do with some jobs than it is with others, and if you need that reference it may pay to be as nice in your exit from the job as you have been during your tenure.

If your boss is one of those bosses that really has given a bad name to bosses, you may not have a lot to worry about. You either weren’t going to get that reference anyway, or it wouldn’t have been worth much to you if you did.

Love your job but still have to leave it? There are some wonderful ideas here for here how you might leave and let them know that you really love them, and you loved the work, and you will miss everyone.

Resignation is transformed into something else with these letters, so get creative. Maybe it is the time to say what you really wanted to say. Get the last word in and then waltz away., and do it with style.


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